About us

Cheryl Chepusova is a designer, writer, and author of the Big Cities Little Foodies travel series. As a Hong Kong native and city dweller, she has traveled around Asia and also lived and worked in Toronto, New York, and most recently San Francisco.  Her writing has appeared in Design Observer, Metropolis, Print, and others.  She spends her days designing apps and software for companies like Slack, Pinterest, The New York Times, and Squarespace. She enjoys picnics with her two children, teaching them multiple languages, and learning about the world together through picture books.

Isabel Foo is a graphic designer and the illustrator for the Big Cities Little Foodies travel series. Born in Toronto, Canada, she moved to Hong Kong for adventures and good food. As a graphic designer, she helped create art books, magazines, and cookbooks. Her illustration work has appeared in publications including Monocle, Vogue HK, and The Globe and Mail. Outside work hours, she enjoys combining her design and illustration skills with her love of food to create early learning content for children. Isabel currently resides in Toronto with her husband and toddler son.
Mori Chiang is a visual storyteller based in Taipei, Taiwan. He is the illustrator for the book Tastes of Lunar New Year. His illustrations have been selected for World Illustration Awards (UK), 3x3 Illustration Show (US), Adobe Design Achievement Awards (US), Hiii Illustration Awards (CN) and Cheltenham Illustration Awards (UK). By creating picture books, he wants to provide doors for readers to go on imaginative adventures. 

Big Cities Little Foodies is published by Little Picnic Press.

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